As part of its commitment to craft policies to protect the environment, and in compliance with the government’s call to intensify climate change planning and programming, the Senate Electoral Tribunal conducted an Orientation on Climate Change on June 7, 2023 at the SRA Social Hall in Quezon City.

For the first part of the Orientation, Ms. Ma. Gerarda Asuncion D. Merilo of the Climate Change Service of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) gave an overview of climate change and discussed extensively the science and basic concepts of climate change and the linkages between climate change and development.

For the second part of the activity, Mr. Rolando O. Abad, Jr., also from the same service group of the DENR, delivered a comprehensive lecture on the various climate change policies and the priorities, programs and targets of the Philippine government. 

With the invaluable information imparted to the participants, it is hoped that the learnings will translate into positive and concrete actions to help address the worsening environmental crisis, which has grave and deleterious effects to present and future generations. Likewise, through this orientation, the agency will be more equipped in preparing relevant policies geared toward protecting the environment and alleviating the effects of climate change.