The Tribunal conducted a Disaster Awareness and Preparedness Training on November 15, 2022 at the Social Hall of the Sugar Center Building in Quezon City.  It was aimed at increasing the employees’ awareness of the impact of climate change, understanding the importance of the Incident Command System on disaster response and management, and identifying who among the employees will compose the new SET Disaster Management Committee.

The importance of an effective disaster and evacuation plan cannot be overemphasized. Chaos, confusion, and loss of life and property are just some of the expected outcomes of any disaster.  And, everyone has an important role to play to reduce such negative impact.  Significantly, the Philippines is frequented by various disasters and calamities, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, and floods.  Recently, Abra was hit by a strong earthquake, which was felt even in Metro Manila.  This training therefore is not only timely, but also very necessary.

Sharing their insights and experiences, the resource speakers, Ms. Ma. Christina Cadag-Lee and Ms. Maricel Evangelista, expertly presented the fundamental concepts and practices to properly and effectively prepare for any disaster. The participants, on the other hand, listened intently to the lectures given and engaged actively in the discussions that ensued.