The Tribunal held its annual team building activity from October 26 to 28, 2022 in Baguio City, with “Excellence” as the overarching theme. 

Thrilled and excited are understatements of how the employees’ felt days leading up to the event.  After all, special is this team building activity for it is the first held outside of Metro Manila since the pandemic struck.  While such an activity was conducted in 2020, it was held at the PICC where the Secretariat employees had to be divided into four batches to comply with the strict health protocols in force then.  This time, the Secretariat employees, together with some of their coterminous counterparts, were gathered in a single venue with everyone participating zestfully in all the exhilarating activities. 

With its relaxing atmosphere, the City of Pines sweetly welcomed the SET family and made the employees truly feel at home. The cold weather, coupled with the fresh scent of the pine trees, undeniably refreshed the minds and bodies of the participants.  The beautiful landscape, as well as the warm smiles of the people, truly endeared Baguio to the attendees. 

What made the activity extra special is the inspirational message of the Tribunal Chairperson, Senior Associate Justice Marvic Mario Victor F. Leonen. Passion with justice, service and excellence are some of the key points which Justice Leonen underscored.  His words reflect not only his solid grasp of the laws, but also his deep understanding of their impact on society.  The audience, listening attentively, not only were inspired, but were mesmerized as well as he narrated stories of his incredible experiences as a native of Baguio and as a public service lawyer.

Indeed, the three-day affair, filled with fun and happy memories as well as purposeful experiences, was a success. Excellently executed, the team building activity clearly accomplished its main objective of bringing the employees closer to one another, and reinforcing the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship among the participants.