Ms. LORIBELLE S. SABANAL, Legislative Staff Officer IV of the Canvass Board Service, was the recipient of the Administrative Commendation for Attendance for CY 2014.  Ms. Sabanal received a Plaque of Commendation and Cash Gift from the Honorable Chairperson of the Tribunal, Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio, in a simple awarding ceremony held after the Tribunal Meeting on August 24, 2015 at the New World Manila Bay Hotel.

Ms. Sabanal was selected by the SET Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) Committee as the recipient of the administrative commendation after a review and evaluation of the 2014 attendance records of all Secretariat personnel showed that Ms. Sabanal had a perfect attendance for CY 2014.  She did not incur any tardiness, absences or undertime and did not avail of any Special Leave Privilege.  She also forfeited the five-day mandatory forced leave.  Such adherence to Tribunal office rules was considered worth emulating and was accordingly cited as a meritorious contribution to the strengthening of discipline in the organization.