SET Case No. 002-92 (SANTANINA T. RASUL, Protestant, versus FREDDIE N. WEBB and BLAS F. OPLE, Protestees)


Election Protest: The election protest was filed on 24 June 1992 without a named protestee.

The Protestant, Santanina T. Rasul, ranked 15th among the twenty-four senators proclaimed as winners by the COMELEC in the 11 May 1992 senatorial race. She claimed that errors in the count deprived her of some 500,000 to 2,500,000 votes which could have been sufficient to place her among the first twelve winners entitled to serve for a term of six years.

On 23 July 1992, the Tribunal issued a Resolution, amending the protest by naming Freddie N. Webb and Blas F. Ople, who respectively ranked 12th and 11th in the senatorial elections, as protestees.

Status: The case was dismissed in the Tribunal Resolution promulgated on 15 September 1993 for insufficiency in form and substance.