SET Case No. 001-92 (JOHN H. OSMEÑA, Protestant, versus FREDDIE N. WEBB, Protestee)


Election Protest: In the proclamation of the twenty-four (24) winning candidates in the 11 May 1992 senatorial elections formally made by the COMELEC on 09 June 1992, John H. Osmeña was ranked 23rd, while Freddie N. Webb was ranked 12th.

On 23 June 1992, Osmeña filed a protest with the Tribunal, naming as Protestee, Freddie N. Webb, in an effort to improve his ranking to at least number 12, instead of 23rd, to serve a full term of six (6) years instead of only three (3) years. He pointed out that there was another Osmeña, his cousin Esteban (“Steve”) Osmeña, who ran for the position of senator. Considering that there were two Osmeñas in the senatorial race, Protestant Osmeña alleged that more than 1.8 million valid votes for him were not duly credited in his favor but were instead declared as stray.

Status: The election protest was dismissed in the Tribunal Resolution promulgated on 03 June 1993, upon the filing by Protestant Osmeña of a “Motion to Withdraw Election Protest” on 30 March 1993.