SET Case No. 001-01 (JUAN PONCE ENRILE, Protestant, versus RALPH RECTO, Protestee; and GREGORIO B. HONASAN, Necessary Protestee)


Election Protest: The Election Protest was filed on 20 June 2001 by Protestant Juan Ponce Enrile, who placed 14th in the 14 May 2001 senatorial elections, against Ralph Recto, who placed 12th, as Protestee, and Gregorio B. Honasan, who placed 13th, as Necessary Protestee.

Protestant Enrile alleged that the expression of the people’s genuine mandate was despoiled by the intensive and systematic tampering and/or fraudulent alteration of election documents for the benefit of Protestee Recto and to the prejudice of Protestant. He further claimed that had the election results not been altered, he would have been among the top twelve senatorial candidates and consequently, should have been proclaimed as duly elected senator.

During the preliminary conference held on 07 March 2002, counsel for Protestant Enrile manifested that his client was seriously considering the withdrawal of the protest. On 14 March 2002, Protestant Enrile, through counsel, filed a Motion for Leave to Withdraw Protest, stating as reasons the estimated expenses as well as the time and effort that would be spent in the revision and recount of ballots, and more importantly, that the protest might not be finished in time for him to be able to enjoy his term should he win the protest.

Status: The case was dismissed in Tribunal Resolution No. 02-14 promulgated on 10 April 2002, upon Protestant Enrile’s filing a “Motion for Leave to Withdraw Protest” dated 14 March 2002.