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Duration of Activity

Person in Charge



Any candidate who has duly filed a certificate of candidacy and been voted for the office of Senator may file a Verified Election Protest against a Member of the Senate within 30 days after proclamation of the Protestee

(Rule 16)

1 hour
(under normal circumstances)

Office of the Secretary
(Rule 21)

(Rule 35)

Php50,000.00 (for protest or counter-protest)

Php50,000.00 for each cross protest

If with claim for damages or attorney’s fees, an additional filing fee of five percent (5%) of the total amount claimed

(Rule 36)

No Collection/ Revision – Php20,000.00 within ten (10) days from filing of the protest

With Collection / Revision – Php200,000.00 as initial deposit within ten (10) days from filing of the protest
Fifteen (15) legible copies
(Rule 21)

1. An Election Protest shall state the following (Rule 22a.):
a. The position involved;
b. The date of proclamation;
c. The number of votes credited to the parties per the proclamation;
d. The ranking of the parties per COMELEC Senatorial Canvass Report by Rank;
e. The total number of contested precincts per municipality or city;
f. The precinct numbers and location of the contested precincts; and
g. The specific acts or omissions constituting the electoral fraud, anomaly or irregularity in the contested precincts.
2. Verification - Affidavit stating that the affiant has read the protest and that its allegations are true and correct of the affiant’s own knowledge, or based on verifiable information or authentic records (Rule 19)
3. Certificate of non-forum shopping signed personally by the Protestant (Rule 19)