The Senate Electoral Tribunal shall steadfastly uphold the true will of the electorate as the sole judge of all contests relating to the election, returns and qualifications of Members of the Senate.


The Senate Electoral Tribunal shall be a key partner in ensuring the integrity of the electoral process.


The Senate Electoral Tribunal shall resolve all electoral contests brought within its jurisdiction through just, expeditious and inexpensive proceedings.


Patriotism            The ability to manifest love of country and willingness to sacrifice for one’s country and fellow countrymen

Integrity               The ability to consistently adhere to strong moral and ethical principles, whether alone or in public

Excellence           The ability to discharge one’s duty with the highest degree of   professionalism and superior work standard

Spirituality           The ability to manifest belief, love and faith for a higher Being

Impartiality          The ability not to allow a person’s class, race, sex, ethnicity, or personal philosophy to prejudge the actions, potential, intentions or attitudes of others and
                               to treat all individuals with sensitivity and respect; the ability to observe neutrality and faithful adherence to fairness and justice

Prudence             The ability to exercise care and foresight in the utilization and management of resources

    The ability to optimize employee’s capability and potentials