Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ N. Pangilinan proved his mettle by championing the cause of the judiciary. He belongs to a breed of new legislators who possess vibrancy in spirit, dedication to work, and passion for the voiceless segments of Philippine society.

He is acknowledged as one of the most hardworking and most productive senators in the country today. He filed the most number of committee reports during the 12th Congress. In fact, one-third of the total number of committee reports was chalked by Kiko. Such feat and exemplary performance earned the respect and trust of his colleagues in the Senate that they elected him majority leader of the 12th Congress and is the youngest to become Senate majority leader since 1937.

After being re-elected in last 2007 elections as an independent candidate, Kiko continued to enjoy the support and trust of his colleagues that they re-elected him as Senate Majority Leader of the 14th Congress.

Prior to this, Kiko served as Chairman of the Senate Committees on Justice and Human Rights, Housing and Urban Planning, Education, and the Ethics and Public Accountability.