In the 13th Congress, Senadora Loi is an active member of twelve (12) Senate committees, and of the Congressional Oversight Committee on Ecological Solid Waste Management and the Congressional Oversight Committee on Clean Water. She has filed bills affecting Filipino society, notably on the economy, health, environment, politics, electoral reforms, education and sports, and the maintenance of peace and order. She has filed bills providing for a people’s initiative to amend the Constitution, giving benefits for barangay captains, penalizing electoral fraud, random drug testing, penalizing obscenity on the television and the telephone, and granting discounts to underprivileged students and protecting household helpers and ambulant vendors, among others. Further, she has prioritized bills for health education and prevention in the fields of reproductive health, genetically manufactured organisms, prostrate cancer, breast implants, folic acid, hepatitis and tuberculosis, among others. As a member of the Senate Electoral Tribunal, she sits as a judge of all contests relating to the election, returns and qualifications of senators.