Jose C. Vitug was the former Supreme Court Associate Justice, and served as a Founding Dean of the Angeles University Foundation College of Law. He currently serves as an Independent Director of the publicly-listed holding company Aboitiz Equity Ventures. He has received numerous awards including Outstanding Manilan, and Outstanding Kapampangan. He has authored several books including Compendium of Tax Law and Jurisprudence; Pandec of Commercial Law and Jurisprudence. He retired in 2004.

Vitug started off as a technical assistant to Supreme Court Justice Jose B.L. Reyes upon graduation. From then on, his career flourished and landing himself as the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court from 1993 to 2004. He also served as a Senior Professor of the Philippine Judicial Academy, Supreme Court of the Philippines. On top of these, he served as Consultant of the Committee on Revision of the Rules of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, and Chairman of the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal and senior member of the Senate Electoral Tribunal.