On October 4, 2022, the Tribunal conducted its Gender and Development Secretariat Capacity Building Activity at the Social Hall of the Sugar Center Building in Quezon City. The first part of the activity focused on the participants’ 24-hour profiling of their roles in a regular or normal day.  After a brief discussion of their respective profiles, the participants summarized their observations, which showed a strikingly unbalanced day where Tribunal employees spend most of their waking hours working (productive role). The remaining time is spent on reproductive functions such as sleeping or eating, with very little time devoted to leisure or community roles.  These results shall be analyzed further in order to formulate and craft policies and projects to restore, as much as possible, the work-life balance that everyone yearns for.

The second activity centered on conceiving an ideal workplace for the Secretariat employees, while describing the current office space. While most employees wish for a more modern and contemporary office lay-out, they highly appreciate the convenient and accessible location of the SET office.  From PICC in Pasay City, the Tribunal transferred to the Sugar Center Building in Quezon City where most of its employees reside.  Aside from major repairs, the current office underwent substantial renovations to make the same more suitable and conducive for working. Notwithstanding, there is still room for improvement, which the Tribunal will certainly work on as keeping the employees safe and inspired in a healthy and forward-looking environment is a must for a more effective and efficient public service.