Republic of the Philippines

Procurement and Property Management Service


The Procurement and Property Management Service has broad responsibilities which it efficiently discharges through its three (3) sections: namely: 1) Procurement Section, 2) Property and Supply Management Section, and, 3) Maintenance and General Services Section.

The Procurement Section attends to the regular and emergency purchases of the Tribunal in accordance with COA rules and regulations.

Relative to the regular purchases of the Tribunal, the Procurement Section canvasses the estimated cost of requisitioned items covered by purchase requests, secures from various suppliers  price quotations as well as certificates of exclusive distributorship. It negotiates item specifications, prices, delivery and payment terms with suppliers and further renegotiated items specifications, prices, delivery and payment terms of quotations. It prepared abstracts of canvass.

It regularly assists the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) during its meetings by coordinating with its members, preparing summaries of abstracts of bids for consideration thereof, securing various documents from new suppliers and recording the proceedings and preparing the minutes of the meetings. On the basis of the BAC’s awards, the Section prepares, processes and serves approved purchase orders. In addition, it prepares Agency Procurement Requests for items to be purchased from the Procurement Service and requests for voucher preparations for COD purchases and purchases on credit. For items to be purchased on cash-on- delivery basis, the Section coordinated with the Cash Management Service for the release of the checks covering such purchases.

With respect to emergency purchases, the Section receives certificates of emergency purchases, conducts telephone canvasses for the prices of the items requested, negotiates item specifications, prices, delivery and payment terms of the requisitioned items and evaluated the same to identify the supplier with the best offer.

The Property and Supply Management Section received Supplies Availability Inquiries, prepared Requisition and Issue Slips for items that are not on stock and prepared certificates of emergency purchase. It processes clearances and updates property cards through postings.

It prepares Monthly Summaries of Inspection and Acceptance Reports and prepares and reconciles with Accounting Service the Monthly Summaries of Supplies and Materials Issued.

The PSMS to reconciles the Semi-Expendables inventory list as of 31 December of the current year with Accounting Service, to prepare reconciliation summary including the reclassification of all items to Property Plant and Equipment, Supplies or Expense accounts and to prepare a reconciled Property Plant and Equipment and Supplies Inventory Lists as of 31 December  of the current year.

Furthermore, the PSMS completes the physical count of inventories as of 31 December of the current eyar. It prepared reports on the result of the physical count of supplies and property, plant and equipment and reconciled the same with Accounting Service. It conducts investigations on missing items, additional counts for items found and established accountability for items that are not located.

The Maintenance and General Services Section conducted monthly inspections of the SET buildings and grounds, prepares and processes Job Service Requests including those pertaining to the repair of furniture, prepares Purchase Requests, assists in the purchase of required building supplies and materials and performed all necessary repair works.

The Section monitors and validates MWSI and MERALCO billings. Using as basis the monitored electrical consumption proportionately shouldered by the Senate Electoral Tribunal and the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal.