Republic of the Philippines

Legal Service


The Legal Service under the supervision of Atty. James A. Allanigue is depended on by the Tribunal, Office of the Secretary and the Service Groups to provide studies and legal opinions on various matters referred to it. It is usually given the important and crucial task of hearing and receiving the evidence of the parties in the electoral protests. It supervises the conduct of Preliminary Appreciation (PA) proceedings and reviews the reports and rulings of PA Committees. It provides stenographic assistance to the various committees of the Secretariat and takes care of the mail matters of the Tribunal. It maintains the Tribunal mini-library.

With the advent of the Automated Election System, the Legal Service conducted a comprehensive research on pertinent laws, rules and jurisprudence on the appreciation of ballots under the Automated Election System. It submitted to the Committee on Revision of Rules its proposal on the Appreciation of Ballots.

The Legal Service continuously undertakes the digests of decisions in election cases. Through the Judicial Records Management Section, which is under its supervision, the Legal Service maintains the original records of the electoral protests filed before the Tribunal. Digitization of the Rollos is on-going.