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Finance and Budget Service

Finance and Budget

The Finance and Budget Service (FBS), under the supervision of Officer-In-Charge Eliza V. Amparo, is responsible for Tribunal budget preparation, execution and control; maintenance of  the registries of appropriations and allotment; disbursement processing; preparation of financial reports; and other related functions.

. Budget Preparation

Preparation of the following year’s budget starts as early as the 4th quarter of the previous year during the annual SET Management Committee Planning Session. In compliance with the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Annual Budget Preparation Calendar, FBS submits on schedule to the DBM the Tribunal’s Past Year’s Actual Obligations and the Current Year Appropriations. The  Budget Proposal is finalized after the Tribunal receives DBM’s Budget Ceiling and Budget Priorities Framework. The Budget Proposal is then presented to the Chairperson of the Tribunal for approval and thereafter submitted online to DBM. The printed version of the online-submitted Budget Proposal is also presented to DBM in five copies.

. Budget Execution and Control
FBS regularly analyzes the budget and the cash requirements of the Tribunal to ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet operational needs. Thus, FBS handles the request for additional SARO or Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA), whenever necessary and coordinates with the DBM for the timely release of the NCAs, whether for the current budget, continuing appropriation, Accounts Payable or others.

FBS ensures that budget is available for proposed disbursements as well as those covered by Purchase Requests, Requisition and Issue Slips and Supply Availability Inquiries, Petty Cash Vouchers and Terminal Leave Applications before these expenditures are incurred. Charges against the Fiduciary Funds or deposits made by parties to electoral contests are also controlled to make certain that disbursements do not exceed the deposits.

• Maintenance of Registries
Obligation Request and Status (ORS) are raised by FBS to set up appropriations and record obligations in the Registries. FBS maintains daily the Registry of Appropriations and Allotments for Personal Services (PS), Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) and Capital Outlay (CO) for Current Year Budget, as well as MOOE for Continuing Appropriations for a total of at least 58 active accounts. Financial records are also maintained for each Fiduciary Fund deposit of parties to an electoral contest.

• Disbursement Processing
FBS, after ensuring the completeness and legality of supporting document of proposed disbursements, prepares the disbursement vouchers for all types of Tribunal expenses, such as salaries, allowances and benefits to officials and employees, allowances of Members, payments to suppliers, lessors and other contractors, and remittances to Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), and other government agencies.

FBS is also for payroll processing. Payroll schedules are prepared covering salaries, allowances and benefits of Tribunal officials and employees (as well as the salaries of Head and Alternate Head Revisors, whenever necessary). FBS issues financial accountability clearances to personnel, and financial certifications and pay slips, as needed, for GSIS Loans, Pag-Ibig Loans and other legal purposes.
The Service ensures that disbursements are in order and are processed on time.

• Financial Reports
In addition to Budget Proposal prepared annually, FBS submits to DBM quarterly the Statement of Appropriations, Allotments, Obligations, Disbursements and Balances (FAR No.1), Summary of Appropriations, Allotments, Obligations, Disbursements and Balances by Object of Expenditures (FAR No.1-A), and List of Allotments and Sub-Allotments (FAR No.1-B). The same reports are furnished COA, aside from the Statement of Comparison of Budget and Actual Amount (Annex-E). Before the end of the 4th quarter, FBS submits to DBM the Budget Execution Disbursement Reports for the coming year: Financial Plan (BED No. 1), and Monthly Cash Program (BED No. 3).

FBS seeks to be prompt in the submission of the Monthly Electronic Remittance Report to the GSIS, Monthly Report of Contribution and Report of Employee-Member (Er 2) to the PhilHealth, and Monthly Report of Contribution and Loan payment to the HDMF.

. Cash Management

The Cash Management, under the FBS, manages the vigilant disbursement of the Tribunal funds by strictly implementing the control measures formulated for this purpose. It likewise ensures the timely payment of the Tribunal’s various obligations as well as the timely release of salaries and benefits to the employees. In the process, the CMS prepares checks covered by Advice of Checks Issued and Cancelled (ACIC).

The CMS further manages the petty cash fund for emergency and minor purchases of the Tribunal. It pays out and liquidates petty cash vouchers, and replenishes the petty cash fund.

For its reportorial compliance, the CMS prepares and submits Reports on Checks Issued (RCI) pertaining to the General Fund, Accounts Payable and Fiduciary Fund; Reports on Unclaimed Checks; Reports on Cash Disbursements; Reports on Collections and Deposits; Reports on Accountable Forms; and Reports on Disbursements of Regular Disbursing Officer. The CMS also processes clearances of employees.