Republic of the Philippines

Canvass Board Service

Canvass Board

The Canvass Board Service (CBS) under the supervision of Atty. Crisanta V. Valera, Director III, is charged with the collection, safekeeping and return of the ballot boxes, election documents and other election paraphernalia as well as the supervision of the Revision proceedings.

After an election protest has been given due course, the CBS obtains from the Commission on Elections a list of the precincts that functioned during the last election. The CBS then prepares a tally of the contested and counter-protested precincts to determine the total number of contested precincts as well as the number of pilot precincts. Based thereon, the CBS prepares as many copies of the so-called “preservation order” as well as the corresponding envelopes, registry receipts and registry return cards and mails them to the respective addressees.

The “preservation order” is the resolution issued by the Tribunal requiring the Election Officers, Municipal/City Treasurers, Provincial Treasurers, Provincial Election Supervisors, Provincial/City Prosecutors and other custodians of the ballots, election documents and election paraphernalia to preserve the integrity of all ballot boxes and their keys, election documents and other materials under their custody until further orders of the Tribunal. The Service Group likewise monitors compliance with the resolutions.

As soon as the parties in an election protest designate their pilot precincts, the CBS starts preparations for the collection of the ballot boxes and election documents and paraphernalia from the pilot precincts. In this connection, the CBS undertakes the following preparatory tasks:

. Prepares estimates of expenses for the collection of ballot boxes and election documents and secures the conformity of the party concerned.

. Notifies the Election Officers, Provincial/City Prosecutors, Municipal/City Treasurers of the collection schedule.

. Prepares and serves request for Philippine National Police (PNP) escorts.

  • Conducts the pre-collection briefing.
  • Prepares itinerary of travel and mission orders.
  • Coordinates with representatives of the parties.

The CBS monitors the collection activity. Upon arrival of the ballot boxes and election documents at the Secretariat Offices, the CBS conducts the inventory and stores the collected ballot boxes and election documents in properly secured ballot box and election document storage rooms/warehouses. The storage rooms/warehouses are equipped with triple locks, the respective keys of which are in the custody of three (3) officials of the Tribunal.

The CBS likewise coordinates with the PNP for a 24-hour security watch of the ballot boxes and election documents.

The Collection Team, in the meantime, prepares its liquidation report relative to the expenses incurred during the collection operations, coordinates with the COA Resident Auditor and prepares justification for some unexpected expenses. The CBS undertakes the same activities for the collection of the non-pilot precincts.

For Revision Proceedings, the CBS undertakes the following tasks/activities:

. Prepares separate letter-requests and secures from Comelec the Project of Precincts and Statement of Votes by Precinct of the contested areas and other related documents.

. Prepares estimates of expenses for the Revision of the Ballots from the contested precinct; and recommends that additional cash deposits be made by the parties.

. Prepares materials for the training of the Head Revisors; Conducts the Head Revisors’ training, including mock revision; Evaluates the results of the mock revision and recommends the hiring of Head Revisors and Alternate Head Revisors;

. Conducts Pre-Revision conference with parties to discuss house rules.

. Supervises the conduct of Revision Proceedings to ensure compliance with the rules and procedures.

. Conducts daily meetings with the Head Revisors and Alternate Head Revisors and asesses their performance; Prepares HR salary reports and formulates guidelines for Head Revisors’ compensation.

. Prepares reports on status of Revision Proceedings and Revision Results, i.e. wet ballots, fake ballots, empty ballot boxes, etc.

. Simultaneously with the Revision Proceedings, CBS personnel post the votes of the parties as appearing on the Statement of Votes by Precinct and their votes listed in the Municipal Certificate of Canvass. After the Revision, the CBS tallies the parties’ votes based on the physical count after Revision and their votes as appearing in the various election documents such as the Tally Board and Election Returns (Statements of Votes by Precinct, Municipal or City Certificates of Canvass, Statements of Votes by Municipality, Provincial Certificates of Canvass and the Regional and National Tally of Votes).

. Recommends the deferment or suspension of Revision Proceedings, if necessary.

. Ensures completeness of the Revision Reports and takes charge of reproducing the same for use in the Preliminary Appreciation of Ballots.