SET Case No. 001-16 (FRANCIS N. TOLENTINO, Protestant, versus LEILA M. DE LIMA, Protestee)


Election Protest: This election protest was filed on 20 June 2016 by Protestant Francis N. Tolentino to assail the proclamation of Protestee Leila de Lima as the 12th winning senatorial candidate in the 09 May 2016 National and Local Elections. Protestant Tolentino alleged that massive fraud and irregularities attended the elections, consisting of: a) Tampering of the Automated Election System (AES); b) Pre-Shading of Ballots; c) Impossible 100% Voter Turnout; d) Votes for Tolentino Not Counted; and e) Pre-loading of Secure Digital (SD) Cards with Negative Votes.

Preliminary Conference was held on 26 January 2017.

Status: For issuance of the Preliminary Conference Order after submission of the Protestant of his list of additional witnesses and reconciliation of his list of pilot precincts with the list of precincts of the Canvass Board Service.

See SET Case No. 001-16, Resolutions